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For over 20 years, ITS has been actively procuring and developing the most comprehensive Rolls-Royce material aftermarket in the industry. Today, ITS has the largest combined inventory of Spey and Tay engines and components in the world. Valued at over $10,000,000 and representing 3,000 line items ITS is ready to support your material and provisioning needs for years to come.

Specializing in 511, 512, and 555 Series engines, our Spey inventory provides comprehensive material components for sale and exchange to keep cost down. Gulfstream, BAC1-11 and F28 operators around the world have accumulated thousands of flight hours utilizing ITS components in their engines.

ITS has developed a comprehensive inventory of Spey 511-8 exchange engines for Gulfstream II and Gulfstream III aircraft. Engines are available in freshly overhauled or mid-life status as well as engines with approximately half their hourly and/or calendar time remaining. In addition to offering customers the ability to exchange engines on a standard like-for-like basis, we also provide customized exchange scenarios. For example, an operator can elect to exchange an engine due for overhaul for a mid-time engine resulting in reduced cost of operation for the aircraft. All exchanges are firm fixed price with no bill back to the customer. Our inventory includes engine serial number series that are GII specific (four digit series) and GIII specific (five digit series). The ability to provide GIII specific serial number engines allows operators to maintain the pedigree of their aircraft.

ITS now provides comprehensive material support for the 611, 620 and 650 Series including engine sales and exchange. Our Tay inventory continues to expand with customer requirements. Overhaul facilities servicing Gulfstream IV and Fokker 70/100 operators can now benefit from our historical support of the Rolls-Royce products.

Our services include:
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  • Engine Sale and/or Exchange (zero time and mid-time engines)
  • Material sales in new, overhauled, serviceable, repairable or as-removed condition
  • Component and accessory sale/exchange
  • Packaged Sales
  • Pre-positioned field support inventories for fleet operators
  • AOG and same day shipment
  • Order provisioning for your anticipated needs
  • Asset management and Inventory acquisition
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